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Marshall Lichty

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JDHD: A Podcast for Lawyers

JDHD is a podcast, blog, and community of people and resources for lawyers with ADHD—whether they know they have it or not.

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The Small Firm Roadmap | Author Marshall Lichty

The Small Firm Roadmap

Traditional small firm law practice is not working very well. So, with three great friends and colleagues, I wrote a book about fixing it.

Small-Business Consulting & Coaching

I love helping small business owners find their stride, particularly—but not exclusively—lawyers.

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Speaking | Writing Podcasting

I am a marketing strategy, brand amplification, and inbound marketing junkie. Let's amplify your voice. Let's find your people. Let's bring your people to you.

JDHD: A Podcast for Lawyers

Marshall Lichty JDHD Podcast Lawyers with ADHD

I'm the host, founder, and producer of JDHD: A Podcast for Lawyers.JDHD features interviews with leading health professionals, coaches, therapists, productivity gurus, and lawyers with ADHD.We also introduce productivity tips, tools, apps, and hacks to help lawyers maximize their productivity and keep ADHD's tougher bits at bay.

The Small Firm Roadmap:

A Survival Guide to the Future of Your Law Practice

The Small Firm Roadmap | Author Marshall Lichty

Let’s be honest, traditional small firm law practice is not working very well. Too many small firm lawyers struggle to make ends meet, get clients, meet clients’ expectations, or they wrestle with mental health issues or substance abuse. Meanwhile, there is a huge gap between those who need legal help and those who can get it. But it doesn’t have to be that way.We can build better firms, be more effective with our clients, enjoy better health and a greater sense of fulfillment, and make a bigger impact on our communities.With the client-centric law firm management model in The Small Firm Roadmap, you’ll see that getting started is easier than you think. The team from—Aaron Street, Sam Glover, Stephanie Everett, and Marshall Lichty—will help you gain clarity around your career and firm goals and identify successful strategies for starting, managing, and growing a thriving future-oriented law firm. If you’re ready to do great work that supports a great life, this book is for you.

Speaking | Writing | Content Marketing | Podcasting

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I love to share and teach and support and mentor and coach.Here's some of my work:




What It Sounds like to Work with Me

  • "It was a delight to see you and to hear you share success tips. [We] really need that type of boots-on-the-ground wisdom to move [us] forward. Your genuine enjoyment at presenting was evident and it was a nice treat to spend time with you afterward."

  • "Wow. What a great day. You taught me the best way to do it myself. Teach a man to fish..."

  • "Thank you for always being so optimistic, especially when I wasn't so optimistic. Your positive attitude lifted my spirits."

  • "[Marshall] did an excellent job. I could listen to an all-day seminar by him. He was last but the best by far!"

  • "[Marshall] was very dynamic. Excellent content."